Research Coordinator Position

We have a Research Coordinator position available immediately. The main responsibilities are described below. Apply by visiting the CSU employment site.

Proposal development

Identify relevant funding opportunities. Develop budgets and assemble other administrative documents that need to be included in the proposal. Assist with editing the documents describing the research plans. Coordinate the contributions of different collaborators when applicable. Ensure the proposal complies with the sponsor recommendations. Upload the proposal on government websites and CSU internal systems. Coordinate the proposal preparation effort with the College of Engineering Business Office and with CSU Office of Sponsored Research. Ensure that the proposal preparation process remains on schedule for a timely submission.

Project management

Ensure compliance and proper accounting of research funds from external agencies, develop and monitor tracking method of spent dollars for reporting purposes, work with Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) on project issues, work with Regulatory Compliance to maintain approval on research projects, monitor and update online training compliance for PI, coordinate material transfer agreements with OSP, interpret budget reports and make recommendations on staffing and spending changes to keep projects on target, oversee ordering of materials and supplies for each project, maintain records of project expenditures, coordinate staffing changes with Department accounting staff, maintain confidentiality with accounts and salaries

 Administrative Support

Schedule meetings for program personnel. Plan travels for program personnel including submission of travel approval forms, booking of hotels, flights, and ground transportation. Prepare and submit travel expense reports Communicate with internal and external collaborators. Review and approve purchase requests. Assist with the development of Standard Operating Procedures. Run monthly performance reports.


Monitor program social channels and respond to user requests as appropriate. Schedule content publishing on various media under the guidance of Principal Investigator. Write entries on the program blog Actively manage community by identifying and engaging influencers. Generate and monitor analytics reports and adapt communication strategy to maximize impact.

Contact us if you want to learn more about this position. More information and applications instructions are available on the CSU employment site.

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