Postdoc Algal Synthetic Biology

Our colleague Graham Peers is actively looking for postdoc candidates interested in algal synthetic biology.

He has recently received two grants from the Department of Energy.
The first grant will permit them to investigate and manipulate the photophysiology of Desmodesmus in mass culture. This is a 3-year project funded by Bioenergy Technologies Office. The second grant is to continue our work on the marine diatom Phaeodactylum. This will entail gene discovery efforts to uncover new players in photosynthetic acclimation and efficiency.
We also will work on biocontainment tools to prevent the spread of GMO algae. This work is supported by Biological and Environmental Research Program for 5 years.

If either of these projects appears interesting to you, then please reach out to Graham with your CV and a summary of your research interests and accomplishments.

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