Software for SynBio

Software for SynBio

Genome Web publishes an article about software for synthetic biology that extensively describes our approach of computational synthetic biology. Read the article.

Genetic design automation: engineering fantasy or scientific renewal?

Trends in Biotechnology just released the preprint version of a review on design software for synthetic biology. Congratulations to Matt Lux for successfully leading the write up of this perspective on a fast evolving field. Read the article.

Oscillatory Dynamics of Cell Cycle Proteins in Single Yeast Cells Analyzed by Imaging Cytometry

Our efforts to characterize the dynamics of 16 cell cycle regulators in vivo has been published in PLoS ONE. This work is part of a NIH-funded effort led by John Tyson (Virginia Tech, Dpt of Biological Sciences) to build a...

GenoCAD is on Wikipedia

GenoCAD has now its very own Wikipedia page . GenoCAD users and developers, please pitch in to make it even better and keep it up to date.

BioInform Article about our top-down bottom-up NIH grant

BioInform Article about our top-down bottom-up NIH grant

BioInform’s reporter Uduak Grace Thomas has written a story about the NIH grant led by T.M.  Murali.

New project aims to fuse top-down and bottom-up approaches in systems biology

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Virginia Tech researchers a $2.13 million grant to develop new systems biology approaches to study cells, one of the most basic units of life. Systems biology aims to study complex cellular systems by...

Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-up Models in Systems Biology with Applications to Cell Cycle Control in Budding Yeast

Source of Support: NIH  Amount Awarded: $2,090,926 (Peccoud’s Share $475,023) Period Covered: 05/01/11 to 04/30/17 Abstract: Two distinct approaches are being used to study complex cellular systems. The first approach automatically searches large datasets for correlations between genes and proteins and...

Virginia Tech Releases GenoTHREAT Open Source

Virginia Tech Releases GenoTHREAT Open Source

In order to ensure a broad dissemination of the biosecurity software developed by our group, Virginia Tech is licensing it open source. Read article.

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