Parameter estimation at the whole cell level


Summary of the DREAM8 Parameter Estimation Challenge: Toward Parameter Identification for Whole-Cell Models


Jonathan R. Karr Alex H. Williams Jeremy D. Zucker Andreas Raue Bernhard Steiert Jens Timmer Clemens Kreutz Simon Wilkinson Brandon A. Allgood Brian M. Bot Bruce R. Hoff Michael R. Kellen Markus W. Covert Gustavo A. Stolovitzky Pablo Meyer Herbert Sauro


Published in: PLOS Computational Biology
Volume: 11, Issue: 5, Pages: e1004096-
Published: 5/28/2015
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004096

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Our Discussion:

This paper raises a number of interesting issues relative to the estimation of parameters of whole-cell models. The challenge here is obviously the underdetermination of the problem when the number of parameters is very large. This challenge calls both for the development of new parameter estimation algorithms and for innovative software implementations. This paper describes the challenge and the best performing solutions proposed in the context of the DREAM 8 challenge.


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